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Providing Inspection Services to Homeowners, Sellers, Buyers, Banks, and Mortgage Companies

When did your house have its last check up?

Have you seen anything you would like a second opinion on?

Give us a call at 281-221-4994 or email and we can discuss the situation free. If we can be of further assistance we have a small labor charge per hour with a one hour minimum. Our pledge is to pack as much as we possibly can into that first hour.


One of the very best things you can do to get your house ready for listing is to have us conduct a full Professional Inspection. We believe the “walk through” at the end of the inspection is the most valuable part of the entire process. We will discuss each issue we found with you and make sure you know what it is and how to approach a remedy.

This process can greatly reduce the number of issues that must be negotiated over with the prospective buyer. That process can go a lot smoother, quicker, and more pleasantly.

Please note that what we find should be included on your disclosure statement when listing the house for sale. Your real estate professional will assist you with this item.

You found the just right house, made an offer, and it was accepted. You are now in the option period and you need to find an inspector. The inspection process will turn up the information you need to evaluate your original opinion of the house and help you and your agent design a negotiation strategy for future meetings with the seller.

At the end of the inspection we will walk you through what we found, what it means, and our opinion of the magnitude of the issue.

We provide new construction phase inspections: prior to pouring the concrete for the foundation; prior to placement of the sheet rock walls on the interior; and the final when the construction is complete and you will be taking ownership.

Our report form also functions as a valuable home maintenance reference guide for future use.

Banks & Mortgage Companies:
We do all the inspections associated with construction, renovation, and repair that your organizations normally require. We will add pictures, scan your document with our responses, and email the entire package to your designated representative.

Contact Larry Andrew #8693 at 281-221-4994, or


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